Adele - lead vocals
Buz - bass guitar
Gilly - drums
Higgy - lead guitar

Friday, 13 July - Empire, Rochdale

Saturday, 14 July - Victoria, Lostock Hall

Friday, 27 July - Griffin, Earlstown

Saturday, 28 July - Crown, Chadderton

Friday, 10 August - Red Lion, Longton

Saturday, 11 August - Grapes, Widnes

Friday, 17 August - Plough, Chorley

Saturday, 18 August - Hindley Arms, Hindley

Friday, 7 September - Griffin, Earlstown

Saturday, 29 September - Victoria, Lostock Hall

Saturday, 13 October - Hindley Arms, Hindley

Saturday, 27 October - Slow ‘n’ Easy, Lostock

Saturday, 10 November - Bike 'n' Hound, Hyde

Friday, 14 December - Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Saturday, 15 December Victoria, Lostock Hall

Saturday, 22 December - Red Lion, Longton

Saturday, 29 December - Musketeer, Leigh

Get yer dancing shoes on and come and join us for a crazy night of groovy mayhem!

The last 12 months!
The departures of Nosh and then Daz last year are known to most of you. What was not announced publicly was the departure, for family reasons, of our guitarist Steve last December. We fully understand and 100% support his decision. Family comes first.  
So we've had to fill two pairs of boots and what a nightmare it's been! We found a guitarist and then a singer. Who got cold feet! Then found another singer. Who had second thoughts. Then we had second thoughts about our new guitarist who was brilliant but just didn't sound like a Cheese Puff Death Squad guitarist. 
Then finally we found a singer who had the balls to front the band and a damn good voice as well! And like busses, two came along at once as within a couple of weeks, we auditioned a guitarist, Higgy, who we all instantly knew was exactly the right man for the band.  
All was going well. Rehearsals were sounding good and gigs lined up starting in July. And then the singer just disapeared. No word to the band. No word to his flatmates. He'd not even told his employer he was leaving! First we knew was when he didn't show up to rehearsal. So the never ending round of auditions started all over again. 
Thankfully, we struck gold when Adele got in touch. Looked the part, sounded the part and had the right attitude to be a member of Cheese Puff Death Squad! 
We're back! Oh yeah baby, we're back!!!

HIggy is not his real name. His real name is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which is a stupid name so we call him Higgy for want of anything better.

Higgy lives in the countryside so, not surprisingly, his favourite past-time is molesting sheep. And probably cows!

He can also play guitar rather well with a battered Strat or a Flying V through a Marshall. A very good combination as a certain Mr Hendrix discovered!

We welcome Higgy to the band and trust you will too.

No, not that one! Can't see Miss Adkins belting out Whole Lotta Rosie, can you!

Our Adele is a rock singer. With the right attitude to front Cheese Puff Death Squad. We don't know what her vices are yet but we'll be sure to let you know once we find out!

Again, we welcome Adele to our merrie band of wandering minstrels and trust you will too.
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